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It has come to our attention that spammers appear to be illegally and fraudulently faking the From: id of their E-mails with our domain name (

The spam you received may appear to have come from a id, however, the spammer has simply faked the From: id of their message.

Most of the content of these spam messages are simply annoying, but some are illegal and/or pornographic.
This, of course, raises serious libel issues, and we support the vigorous prosecution of such culprits.

As the spammer sends out messages, eventually they send a message to a non-working id. The resulting bounce back inadvertently comes to us, since our domain name is in the From: id. It is from these undeliverable E-mails that we are able to determine trackable information about the spammer and report them to government agencies.

If you still have the spammer's E-mail, please forward it to the Federal Trade Comission at UCE@FTC.GOV.

Thank you for assisting us in putting a stop to these spammers.


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