DKAT Virus Detection System

Find out if your computer is sending viruses to people in your address book.

This is a FREE service brought to you by DKAT Internet Services.

Here's how it works:

  • We assign you one of our E-mail detection IDs, the moment you sign up below.

  • You create a new contact in your computer's address book, and use our detection ID for the E-mail address. The rest of the contact information can be whatever you want to type. After you've finished making this new contact, just forget about it. There is nothing to download.

  • If a virus infects your computer and starts sending itself to people in your address book, we'll automatically warn you when your computer sends a message to us. Essentially, we are tricking the virus into revealing itself. If you have more than one computer, feel free to sign up again to get another detection ID for each computer.

So that we can assign you our E-mail detection ID, and notify you if we detect a virus,
please type your current E-mail ID:

There is no substitute for a good working anti-virus program.
If you don't have one, we recommend you purchase one today.

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